Community Fund Grants

Grant Application Form

Writing a successful proposal is a fine art. To increase your chance of success, it is important to describe your project briefly, but thoroughly, in your application.

Answer the following questions, using no more than 3 pages.

Tell us about yourself

    What is the purpose of your organization and who do your serve? When did you begin operating?
    How many staff do you employ? Full-time and part-time?
    How many volunteers do you use and what do they do?
    If this is a partnership, please provide a letter affirming the support of the other partner(s).

Tell us about your project

    How does your project enhance "community recration"?
    Who will your project serve? (age range, gender, English/French community)
    How did the project come about?Who was involved in its development?
    What are the anticipated benefits of the project? (for participants/community)
    How have you ensured safety for all participants?
    What is the timeline?
    If applicable, how will the project be sustained in the future? 
    Please include anything else we should know about this project.

Financial Information

    Please attach a detailed budget for your project, including all estimated expenditures and revenues. Identify if revenues are confirmed (c) or pending (p).
    If your application includes large equipment purchases please include copies of two or three quotes. 

If you have any further questions about your application please do not hesitate to call the Foundation office at 647-1055.

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