Establish a Fund

Endowment is our Business

The Temiskaming Foundation is in the business of endowment building and management. The Foundation was created to raise and manage endowment funds for community needs, and has professional expertise in these areas.

We provide important services to individuals, families, corporations and agencies, like yours, assuming responsibility for:

    legal administration of the fund;
    receipt and processing of additional contributions at any time;
    issuance of eligible tax receipts;
    invesment of the fund's assets;
    re-investment of the income from the fund's assets until it is needed;
    preparation and filing of all tax returns;
    completion of an annual audit;
    response to government regulations and audits;
    liability insurance as necessary for our directors;
    periodic statements on capital balance and available income to your organization;
    distribution of earnings to or for your agency as you or your donors provide and
    help for you in endowment marketing.

Anyone can create a Legacy for their favourite charity. Our simplest  fund is a Named Fund, which can be set up with a minimum of $1,000. This would be placed in a Community Fund and can stay there with the donor's name or in memorium of a friend or family member. Grants will be pooled and given out to the community where they are needed the most. Over time, if the donor wishes they can continue to contribute to the fund until it reaches $10,000 at which time they can choose to either have it become a Donor Advised Fund or a Restricted Fund with a specific recipient.

Donors can also contribute to existing funds.

Discuss your gift or donation with your lawyer, accountant or life insurace agent, or contact The Temiskaming Foundation.

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