The Temiskaming Foundation would like to honour our donors and to remember in perpetuity family and friends in whose names memorial contributions have been made.

Historic Cobalt Legacy Fund 

Barbara & Douglas Martin Fund

David Armstrong Fund

Agnico Eagle Fund

Leonard A. Wilson Fund










Please click on a donor's name among our list of donors to read about their lives and funds. 



Alfred & Kathleen Holmes Scholarship Fund
Barney Morris Scholarship Fund
Bruce Lonsdale Memorial Scholarship Fund
Bryan & Louisa Wilson Fund
Bud Price Ernie Tresidder Cobalt, Coleman, Latchford & Area Foodbank Fund
Canon Sims & Lillian Barrett Memorial Fund
Carter Antila Memorial Skate Park Fund
Catherine & Mac (John) Alexander and Rose (Sumarose) & Luke Charney Fund
Clement Miron Fund
Danny Wilson Scholarship Fund
Denis Desjardins Colon Cancer Awareness Fund
Dick Taylor Memorial Fund
Donald & Isabelle Paterson Fund
Donald and Isabelle Paterson Fund
Earnest Douglas Gray Fund
Eileen Mitchell Thomas Scholarship Fund
Elsie Jean Taylor Memorial Fund
Englehart & Area Historical Museum - Ruby G. Bryan Fund
Eric E. Smith Fund
Ernie Maddock Memorial Fund
Frank Moore Fund
George James (Jim) Ward
George L. Cassidy Bursary Fund
George Morissette Parkinson Fund
Gordon William & Annie Marion Knight Fund
Gordon Zubyck Memorial Fund
Herbert & Ramona Dickinson Fund
Herbert C. Sweetnam Fund
Hope & Peter (Pat) Birnie Fund
International Plowing Match Scholarship
Ira and Margery Honsinger Fund
Jack & Mary Church Fund
Jennie Low Fund
Kenneth Bryan Fund
Laurel & Carrie Birtch Fund
Lena & Andrew Kuchar Fund
Lulubelle, Vern & Cleo Montgomery Fund
M. Gertrude Grant Memorial Fund
Margaret (Peg) & Thomas E. Woollings Fund
McKinnon, Christel and Dan Fund
Michael Taylor Memorial Fund
Michele & Larry Lamoureux Fund
Monique Comeau's generous donation to Food Forever Fund
Northern Beacon Rebekah Lodge #212 Smart & Caring Community Fund
Peter Grant Fund
Ralph & Isabel Ramsay Fund
Robert & Clara Boyd Fund
Robert and Margaret Pollock (Swastika) Memorial Fund
Robert Pollock Memorial Scholarship Fund
Sandy (George) Hough Fund
Scott & Ruby Wilson Fund
Smylie Family Scholarship Fund
Stephen Cawley Fund
Sybil & Austin Cooper Memorial Fund
Temiskaming Festival of Music / Linda Story Fund
Temiskaming Shores Smart & Caring Community Fund
Temiskaming's Fund for the Ronald McDonald House (Toronto)
The Hartley & Dorothy Houston Community Fund
Walter and Maria Fund
Walter Light Memorial Scholarship Fund
Willie & Marie Gelinas Fund
Zia Creet Pollock Fund

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